Technological development

During the last ten years, Alternative Renewable Resources has studied and developed a process for producing biodiesel from algae. The great achievement of this process is a photobioreactor capable of achieving high volumetric productivity, while providing the reliability and stability for the growing process and resulting in a very profitable crop.

Since phototropic microorganisms are diverse in morphology, one of our main concerns has been the knowledge of physiology in mass culture. Nutritional factors are some of the important issues that we have taken into account. Our priority has been the understanding of the macro nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, their role in cellular metabolic processes, the effect of the decrease of these elements, the role of essential trace minerals such as iron it is very important in cellular biochemical composition and their involvement in fundamental processes such as photosynthesis.

Another major problem concerning the mass cultivation of microalgae autotrophic, refers to the effective use of light in the photosynthetic process in the production of cell mass and secondary metabolites. Knowledge of light penetration as a function of cell density, and the design of an adequate system of turbulence processes within the photobioreactor, was likewise a priority for us. Effective use of the frequencies of light-dark cycle, on-line monitoring of photosynthetic activity through dissolved oxygen measurements are just some of the other parameters we have to evaluate the effectiveness of our process.

The third important issue, that is also part of our technology, are the different mechanical designs that we have included in our photobioreactor, example is the CO2 injection system, the design of the process of creating turbulence in the pipe, the dynamic fluid from the culture medium, the design of degassing, the process control system that monitors the consumption of nutrients through the photobioreactor, the re-injection of the macro nutrients and trace minerals, the centrifugation process, monitoring reinjected water online, etc …

One of our most important capabilities is the use of one of our patented processes for the breakdown of the algae, this process is mechanical and very effective, allow us to extract lipids from algae continuously.

All this work has given us the production capacity of biodiesel. We own a patented process in the continuous process that focuses on high technology and compliance with all European standards.