100% green proyect

Our technology is 100% self-sustainable, 100% eco friendly

Our B-100 Biodiesel generated from Algae oil does not compete with the food chain.

Completely replaces (100%) oil-derived diesel in combustion engines or it can be combined in any proportion to significantly reduce emissions. Emissions from B-100 Algae Oil engines dramatically decrease the main vehicle emissions such as carbon monoxide and volatile hydrocarbons and particulates in diesel engines.

The closed production process of our photobioreactor neither becomes contaminated or contaminate the environment.

Meets the strictest environmental standards of both the European Community and the United States in terms of pollution and environmental policies and it helps achieve the commitments of the Kyoto Protocol.

High rate of efficiency in land use.

75 million liters our system requires an area of ??100 hectares, compared with 60,000 hectares that requires the production of oil from Jatropha. (Ratio 1:600)

Our by-products are used at 100%; thus no waste products.
A) Biomass high in protein for human or animal consumption, and
B) Glycerol with a purity of 99% for the cosmetics industry and other uses.

Only a portion of the captured CO2 is returned to the atmosphere by using biofuels so there is an effective capture of greenhouse gases.