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Algae Business

We are ready to enter the biofuels market and take advantage of opportunities now converging in the sector through an innovative process for the production of large scale algae oil/biodiesel.

Our profitability and high rate of return makes us one of the best investments in renewable energy today. We have excellent options for private capital investment and financing options for governments. After years of research and development we have the technology ready to start building production facilities with our scalable patented technology.

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Self-sustaining, 100% ecofriendly and the water is recycled to 100% We do not compite with food chain. 

Biofuel  from algae oil can replace completely (100%) to oil-derived diesel. Combustion engines can be combined with it in any proportion to significantly reduce emissions. The producción method uses CO2 from the atmosphere which only a part is returned. Our biodiesel meets the strictest environmental standards of both the European Community and the United States. It is an effective measure to meet Kyoto Protocol  commitments.

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After years of scientific research and technological development, we have two patented processes that enable algae grow and break in continuous, efficient and profitable industrial plant.


Our great achievement is a photobioreactor capable of achieving high volumetric productivity. While providing the reliability and stability needed for achieving highly profitable process of cultivation, our model can be replicated anywhere that meets the requirements of flat land, sunlight, warm weather and water.

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